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There lived in Canterlot a Prodigy Unicorn, who was the personal student of Princess Celestia; her name, Sunset Shimmer.

She was arrogant and thought little of those she saw beneath her, testing Celestia's limits. Now, with the final limit broken when she snuck into the forbidden sector of the Canterlot Library, she was to be expelled. In her attempt to avoid capture, she fled through the magic mirror just as it was about to seal again for another 30 Moons.

Principle Celestia and Vice-Principle Luna were ready to call it quit for the night at the Canterlot High School. (CHS) On their way out, they find a young girl passed out on the front sidewalk of the statue.

Rushing over to help the young girl, scattering around her were items that question her origin; their school is about to be dragged into a world of craziness and some wacky shenanigan.

Further Details

Others: There are other characters who will be focus in the story (Too many to add) so I will mention them here. Chrysalis, Discord, Vice-Principal Luna, Dean Cadance, Twilight Velvet, Night Light, Shining Armor, (Sci)Twilight Sparkle, The Dazzlings, and 'He Who Should Not Be Named' . . . *Cough* Flash Sentry *Cough*

Changes may be added to tags in later time (I will try to keep Rating down to Everyone, just mild use of blood and fighting. I won't go too dark in them.)
I may also throw in some Romance in later chapters.

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[Taking place after Rainbow Rocks and before The Friendship Games]

Sunset Shimmer; who was once a unicorn in the land of Equestria as Princess Celestia’s top student now lives in the human world with her friends. Though she had managed to put her past behind her of the awful things she had done, one past that she could never forget is trying to return.

A mysterious shadow figure escaped from Equestria and took the now opened portal into the human world in search of something, or rather, someone.

What happens when their path cross, bring a past of Sunset Shimmer that caused her to lead down the path she had taken long before.

[OC is created by me - Nightcast]
[This is my first MLP Fanfic on this site]

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