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Twilight has something special to show you. A place where time feels frozen, and the echo of endless memories reside.

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by Zvn

[This story has being completely rewritten with new characters, arcs, and a more cohesive plot. Read it here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/378562/resurgence]

I've known many faces of fear. Each has had its time, and each as been conquered by the many hooves of my impregnable fellowship. Fear has become predictable; routine. But as I watch the flame rise to its lurid apex, I find myself suffocating in the unforgiving confines of concern, trying desperately to grasp to the fading securities of my mortal life. Fate brought me here; fear has kept me prisoner. And as a thousand faces look up unto my own, pleading for an answer, I'm tortured by the inescapable conclusion.

I have no answer.

[Based on the canon of Season Three and prior]
[Pre-reading by Quedarius]

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