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Just someone who read a fic and loved it, and now I'm stuck wanting to read more.I might even try to write a story or two.

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Twilight Sparkle. A mare who has accomplice many things in her life. Made friends, saved the world, became a Alicorn.

This story isn't about her

This story is about another Twilight and the pony she brought to life on the faithful day of the Rainboom.

This story was inspired by We're...Twins...yes...twins...

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I thought my life was going well for me. Fought a girl turned demon and grew a pair of wings as a bonus, fought three sirens, made friends with a princess from another world and made friends with a cute girl who turned into said demon, but hey no one perfect.

Honestly my life couldn't have gotten better.

Then Anon-a-miss happen.

Now my life went from awesome with friends that has my back, to shit in a hand-basket in ten seconds flat.

Anon tore our school apart, secrets revealed left and right with no regard to who got hurt. At first I thought Sunset was behind it... only found out that was far from the truth.

My story begins on the day I died, sacrificed to save one of my friends from my mistakes.

(So you know this is a isekai type story)

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Sunset Shimmer. A mare who set high goals for herself. A mare who is feared in the halls of Canterlot High School. A mare who was once a student of a Sun Goddess.

Now she finds herself in a unknown world.

Having no memory of how she got there and in a body that's not her own. How will this once accomplished mare survive in this hollow world.

(MLP:EG x Hollow Knight) (Cover Art is mine and I know it ain't good.)

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