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Just someone who read a fic and loved it, and now I'm stuck wanting to read more.I might even try to write a story or two.


Updates all around!... Hopefully · 1:06am Apr 23rd, 2019

Now its been awhile since I last updated any of my stories since my teeth-breaking accident. So lets get that out of the way first.

My two front teeth are still broken and its gonna cost me 1600.00 just to fix one of them. Together they 3200.00 total to fix...yeah that much. Take care of your teeth kids cause its gonna cost you an arm and a leg to fix them. Anyway, I been trying to get overtime at work in hopes of getting the money I need faster, so I haven't focusing on writing too much.

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Accident · 10:47pm Mar 7th, 2019

Got into a car accident with my brother an hour ago(someone cut us off) and ran into a pole. He's fine, he's car isn't fine and I smashed my face into my laptop breaking my front teeth.(Laptop fine though, just has teeth marks near the camera now... that bugs me)

Now this won't stop me from writing but I gotta go get my teeth fix and I don't know how long it gonna take so don't expect anything soon.

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The Three Harmonies (will be updated over time) · 9:58pm Dec 22nd, 2016

This post will be about the three versions of Harmony I made and the world they inhabit. To those who want to know more about the world they live in. Also each version has their own name and background stories because I pretty much had them made but change my mind on what kind of story I wanted to write. (There will be some spoilers so you know.)

Also if anyone wants to use any of these ideas, tell me I would love to see what you would do with them.:twilightsmile:

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