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Is Equestrian Magic Physicsless? · 2:33am Mar 25th, 2017

I am going to attempt to find out how the laws of physics apply to Equestrian magic (as the title implies). This is my analysis based on a purely scientific standpoint and what is specifically shown in MLP (or rather, the images I found).

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2432293 It was quiet, convenient, and mind-boggling. I had found Visiden Visidane's story Upheaval: Breaking Point and fimifiction allowed me to continue reading it. It was quiet because my first experience was without much chat. The convenience was easily finding stories I liked. As for the mind-boggling bit, I had no idea how many fanfics for MLP there actually were. Or good ones, for that matter, and I'm quite picky about the stories I read.

@The Atlantean Pony What was it like when you discovered and used this site, for the first time?

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