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Is Equestrian Magic Physicsless? · 2:33am March 25th

I am going to attempt to find out how the laws of physics apply to Equestrian magic (as the title implies). This is my analysis based on a purely scientific standpoint and what is specifically shown in MLP (or rather, the images I found).

Now, before we begin, we need to define a few things. One is what we mean by “physicsless.” Yes, that’s a term. No, it’s not spelled right. No, I don’t care. The second is the laws of physics and quantum mechanics in Equestria and here. The third and final thing is what we mean by “magic.”

This is what we mean by “physicsless:”
No physics; i.e. not applying to physics or having physics not applied to it.

For this to actually go anywhere, I will assume the laws of physics in Equestria are similar if not the same as in here, following what we know here on Earth and using it as the base.

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2432293 It was quiet, convenient, and mind-boggling. I had found Visiden Visidane's story Upheaval: Breaking Point and fimifiction allowed me to continue reading it. It was quiet because my first experience was without much chat. The convenience was easily finding stories I liked. As for the mind-boggling bit, I had no idea how many fanfics for MLP there actually were. Or good ones, for that matter, and I'm quite picky about the stories I read.

@The Atlantean Pony What was it like when you discovered and used this site, for the first time?

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