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Things have been pretty rough. · 9:57pm Jul 27th, 2015

So I started writing again, but it's only in fits and spurts...

Turned 25 on Saturday... woo hoo.

tbh it wasn't all that great. Came up on a car accident and my brother and I got out to help on account of the EMS not being there yet.

Didn't want to move the two victims cause they were in really bad shape and unresponsive at first.

Got the other driver calmed down and sat down next to his truck.

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Its been a long time. · 6:46am Jan 12th, 2015

Stuffs been going down for a while here where I am, so I guess Ill bring yall up to speed.

1. A friend of mine recently died.
2. My dad has been in and out of the hospital.
3. Another friend's mom is currently on life support.
4. Moved out of my parent's house and got pretty much disowned.
5. Broke, but still alive.
6. Heartbroken about a number of things.
7. Fired from my job.

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Okay... Obligatory Post Because Love Life. · 7:53am Sep 17th, 2014

And no, I am not drunk.

So, I fucked the pooch. Not literally, you fucking perverts... Figuratively.

There is this woman. Lady. Person of the female persuasion. Focus of my undying affection. Yes she knows of me, yes there is a thing, no I am not dating her currently; that pleasure is another man's pleasure at the moment.

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Yes, I am alive. · 7:21am Sep 5th, 2014

Real life caught up in a bad way these last few months... all kinds of shit going on.

At any rate, this is just to let y'all know:

I have indeed been writing.
No, its not done yet, but getting close.
I am not drunk or drinking anymore.
Graduating in December if all goes well this semester.

No idea when the update is gonna happen for Breathtaking, but it IS on the way.

Y'all keep on keepin' on.

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Wine drunk · 6:11pm Jun 29th, 2014

Jesus Christ... Why the fuck did I ever make the choice to drink wine?

Oh that's right... Dinner with 4 pretty women. Duh.

Everything started fine... other than the fact New York strips were on the menu and the hostess couldn't figure out how to use the grill -_-*
So after I get the charcoal fixed up and tell "M" and "K" to go back inside with the meat like 5 times until the grill got warm enough, I start grilling.

Enter "L"

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Update Should Be Impending · 4:51am Jun 8th, 2014

Posting this because I feel a bunch of people believe I've left and forgotten.

I have not.

Long story short, depression takes a serious nosedive. I've been drinking a lot, violent with people, not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Failed another 4 classes. Nearly got fired from work. Put on suicide watch, lost my gun, knives, truck keys. Upped my dosage, added a new med.

Been feeling better, but still a long ways to go. But still, be prepared for story time here in a week.

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Drunken Ranntingg · 3:59am May 15th, 2014

Im so fuckkin dtunk right niw,...

yall need ta know that the reason im s0 late with this last cahtpter is cause i benn workin like a dog for no money whatsoever... 84 dollars a day is what i makke to load uip a motherfucker that makes 36 THOUSEAND dollars a day juust by layin in bed and ownning a comapny..

any waysss i had to pay 200 dolars in parking tickets and then i had to buy a tire today cause i had a blowout....

ajd I failed all but one class this semseter

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Sparring, Writing, Finals, and other assorted shenannigans. · 12:56am May 2nd, 2014

Almost done writing the next chapter. Yall keep yer eyes open and throw my some random ideas.

Got into a little bit of a sparring match the other night... Dont know exactly what day it was which outta tell you something. Split lips and stiff jaws make for a terrible couple of days.

Finals are over and Ive got hundreds as far as the eye can see.. Sadly, that still doesnt make graduation a possibility this semester.

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50 Questions? Fuck it, I'm bored. · 8:19am Apr 23rd, 2014

So, during a little break of typing up the parts of the next chapter I have written, I was cruisin' through some updates... And Jake The Army Guy posted this little 50 question survey a while back. I'm feelin like this then sleep... Finish the chapter tomorrow, so prereaders, kick the tires and light the fires.

1. Are you male or female:
Definitely Male.

2. In all honesty, what kind of pony would you be:

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Fuckin A... · 4:49am Apr 20th, 2014

I have got to WRITE SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!

Y'all are bein' all patient and shit and I'm just fuckin' off over here...

Update within the next week.

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