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Things have been pretty rough. · 9:57pm Jul 27th, 2015

So I started writing again, but it's only in fits and spurts...

Turned 25 on Saturday... woo hoo.

tbh it wasn't all that great. Came up on a car accident and my brother and I got out to help on account of the EMS not being there yet.

Didn't want to move the two victims cause they were in really bad shape and unresponsive at first.

Got the other driver calmed down and sat down next to his truck.

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Black Velvet

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So I ran across your account page and saw that you have been offline for almost a year now. Now I've never read your story (but I plan to!), but it's always sad to see a author go.

Just thought that I would stop by, say hi, and ask how things are going.


How's it going man?

Well, that's an interesting list of questions and answers. First, it made me smile, so thank you sir. Glad to hear the news about the new chapter. Also if you ever need any help let me know. Hell, I've got to use this English Degree for something.

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