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I found out about MLP FIM, and I like the stories, values, etc, and I really like some of the fanfic, so I created this account so I could keep all the good fics I find somewhat organized.

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2440533 Your welcome. :pinkiesmile:
I read quite a bit of it many months ago, but I didn't have a Fimfiction account, & lost it.
So I'm now getting caught up. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for favoriting my story! :twilightsmile:

2387694 Thanks, I've added it to my reading list, can't promise how soon I'll get around to it, but looking forward to it when I am able to. :twilightsmile:

2387626 Pretty good actually, I can see if I can find a link.
EDIT1: Link Spot That Cahngeling

2387623 I don't think I did, sorry. Can't say I'm much of a Thorax fan, though, so it may have passed me by. Was it good?

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