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Bio? Nope. I want to be the PewDiePony, but I am a wannabe. Also, I write shit *cough* I mean fan-fictions. *punches self in the face* Stop lying, you loser.

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A unknown plague sweeps through Ponyville, bringing fear and panic throughout all of Equestria overnight. A single filly, one of the first to see the effects of the plague firsthand, flees underground to a tunnel system which has supposedly laid vacant for decades. But she soon learns that she is far from alone...
Google Docs Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i0wJ9Jh06D5uVA_xHFaL_i53FpNiPBD71yMHdIlm-l4/edit

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As far as Equestrian History spans, The only Alicorns in existence were in the Royal Family. But one day, this exception changes not only Celestia's and Luna's lives, but also The Mane Six's as well once a little colt, hood hung over his face shows his face in Ponyville, as well as Twilight's life. Sent by Celestia, the young Alicorn is instructed to learn from the Mane Six, specifically Twilight; but once she gets accustomed to him, she begins to question his true purpose there.

Gdocs version here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dUeoLwaWdXJVeyL0XWWqeidXWYiB9CoUUnJv_x8EJQI/edit?pli=1

Chapters (1)
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