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I love fan fiction and especially the confluence of sex with story. :)


Going to Bronycon this year. · 8:38pm Jul 21st, 2017

Hey everyone. If anyone is going to Bronycon and wants to meet up. Please let me know. :) I'm looking to make new friends. :)

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New clop story coming in the next month or so...! · 10:58pm Mar 2nd, 2017

Well it has been some time, but I am working on a new mediumish size clopfic. It's called "Gilda And Rainbow Accidentally Get Tickets To An S&M Convention". As is my style, it'll have some humour, and some heavy stuff too. :) I hope that you all enjoy it when it's out. :)

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Changeling Therapy 2 finally done. · 12:23pm Nov 15th, 2016

Wow, wasn't expecting this one to take so long but I found that I just couldn't stop until it was rounded out the way I liked.

Thanks to all who stuck through it and said they enjoyed it!

I think the next few, when such they are completed will be much shorter and probably more clop based, but as usually with a bit of story in there too. :)

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