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A friend and I go on a camping trip and find ourselves lost in time and space. Chaos ensues.
Written by me and a friend who wanted to do a similar thing to Whatmustido's Diaries of a mad man.
Sorry about long update times, we are both new to this and want to get it right.

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Pinkie Pie is the Element of Laughter, but still doesn't understand that Laughter and Sorrow are two sides of the same coin, you can't have one without the other. She is the happiest mare you will ever meet, but when she finds a stallion she likes as a special somepony, she will soon find this fact the hard way. While she is by nature a very happy mare this stallion is very depressed by nature. Who is he? Why is he so depressed? You shall need to wait and see.

I noticed a rule of no Meta books. This has some Meta content in it and it is meant as a funny ha ha moment, but the only character being meta will only ever be Pinkie Pie. And she is being meta with me, not the site, and not the readers. Isn't that right Pinkie "Yep, sure is author!" see? She is just a big bundle of goofyness with fourth wall breaking capabilities and maybe some meta. just not Deadpool level of meta. "Hey! I resent that." Darn now I've accidentally called in DP. Get out this isn't a crossover DP! "Aww okay see ya Pinkie!" "See ya DP!" The reasoning behind this is because it's Pinkie, come on. I mean she breaks the 4th wall in canon all the time, I'd be surprised if she doesn't ever become meta at least once in the entire series.

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