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Upcoming Chapters · 9:32pm Jul 12th, 2017

Chapter 2 of Pinkie Pie's Hardest Lesson is finished I am just going to wait till I put out Chapter One of all the other books before posting it, I will be posting them side by side as well so if a chapter in one of them comes out, a chapter in all of them came out. This means it might be a month before the next chapter on all of them. It is what I want, I am doing this for My pleasure and I don't want any complaints please, I want this to be fun for me as well as the readers. I will post

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Incoming Chapters and Stories · 5:07pm Jun 30th, 2017

Okay, so let's just say that I am not a very good writer when it comes to fiction, but I am trying my best with the Pinkie Pie's Hardest Lesson. Like I said in the authors notes on that, I would like to make it into a series that doesn't happen one by one but kind of happens almost all at the same time. Each of the mane 6 meeting their exact opposites always intrigued me. I will try to update it once a week but no promises.

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