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Ad Mortem, Ad Vitam: Darkest before the dawn · 9:08pm Dec 18th, 2013

Good news, bad news, and welcome news for all related to the second tale of the Terminus & Exordium trilogy:

Bad News: Story isn't over yet; turns out the tale cried out for a fifth act, so one was carved from Act IV.

Welcome News: Act V is already near completion, with a few scenes to go.

Good News: Act IV is now ready for your reading enjoyment, especially if you adore Scootaloo.

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An Element Without Their Element · 9:44am Nov 24th, 2013

In the fourth and final act of "A Rainbow in the Dark," Star-Swirl informs Fluttershy that she didn't need her Element of Harmony necklace to save her friend, that she was her Element, and would forever be until the Shepherd (the pony version of Death in the Timeline-42 universe) came to bring her home.

And look what happened today!

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"The Darkest Hour, The Hour of Dread... " · 12:59pm Nov 6th, 2013

Act III of Ad Mortem, Ad Vitam is now live for your reading pleasure. It is a bit of a mind screw, but I hope the mind screwdriver I've enclosed will serve you well.

This also means one more act to go before this story draws to a close. I'm afraid that from this point forward, however, things will go from bad to worse for Atlantis and The Elements of Harmony.

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One more thing... · 9:11am Oct 20th, 2013

I've learned that the readership here prefers to read completed stories as opposed to works in progress. Thus, after completing the last two acts of the second story in the Terminus & Exordium arc of the Timeline-42 universe, I will hold off publishing the third and final installment until all acts have been written.

For now, however, let's see if I can complete the second story before Nightmare Night. ;)

All the best,

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Two down, six to go! · 4:15am Oct 19th, 2013

Act II of "Ad Mortem, Ad Vitam" is now up for your reading pleasure. After this, two more acts for the second story, plus the final four of third and final tale in the Terminus & Exordium arc to go!


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Took long enough! · 4:27am Oct 5th, 2013

I figured I could either wait until all four acts of "Ad Mortem, Ad Vitam" were completed before submission, or I could at least finish the first act.

I chose the latter, of course.

Will I have the entire story up before November 23rd? Place your bets now.

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"Wake up... " · 4:50am Jul 21st, 2013

If you've been by my page lately -- in the past few minutes at the earliest -- you might have noticed a list of story ideas I dumped out that I either have written, am writing, or plan to write soon. They are, with the possible exception of the Stand-Alone Complex stories, in chronological order; the first three are focus stories on each of the two Atlantean ruling twin sisters with the last one -- which ties into "A Rainbow in the Dark" -- being about one of the fireflies.

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Princess Twilight and her place in Timeline-42 · 10:57am Feb 16th, 2013

First off, finding employment has kept me away from completing the first arc; my apologies. Once I do have enough income coming my way, though, I will be able to finish what I started.

Speaking of, Timeline-42 -- like the FiM comics -- start sometime after the Royal Wedding; Princess Twilight will ascend in T-42 like she will in Timeline-Zero (canon universe). The comics themselves may be mined for source material in future T-42 tales.

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Happy New Year · 9:41am Jan 1st, 2013

Happy 2013 to you all! May it be all you want it to be.


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Thinking Inside the Chimney with Princess Celestia - An Interview · 5:52pm Aug 9th, 2012

While progress is slow on my fan fiction, my fashion blog keeps moving along, and have I an interview for you...

Late last month, I asked Nicole Oliver (Princess Celestia, Cheerilee et al) if she would like to be my next Outside the Box profile for the month of August (OTB profiles those who aren't necessarily associated with fashion beyond their personal style).

Here is the result: Outside the Box - Nicole Oliver

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