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Rise From your Grave!!! · 9:19am Jun 2nd, 2015


That's right, im officially tossing my hat into the writing ring once again!!

im currently planing a new MLP project and am one episode into a non mlp project links below since i cant post it to my gallery here since, not mlp related bummer , it is Dr who relate though so hopefully there's that, since for some odd reason our fandom seams to have collided because of you know whooves....

ahh still got it the epic punage!!..

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ok guys, its coming · 3:20pm Feb 12th, 2013

i curently have an alpha of chapter 2, its been forever, but trust me, it will be worth the weaight, since i work best when i get struck like this.

its those magical hours when i need sleep the most that my muse tickles me.

-edit i will need an edtior to poke it though.

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Rose inn and other shinanigins · 4:50am Nov 14th, 2012

ok everyone, first thing faust.

(see what i did there?)

last rose inn,

nect chapter will cum, i dont know when but it will cum, im still trying to fully rub it out.

( trollface at my punage )

next thingssss iissss

i have an idea for a seperate story involving a strange desise i made up

heres its discription this would be on a more romantic /sad and heartfelt side of things

as it deals with someone disciovering they suffer from this disise


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doubble death · 10:21pm Nov 8th, 2012

i just got done cleaning out my coffie mechine, since it saus to clean out every month or month n a half, but after doing so, everything smells like dubble death ewwww youck puke gag!

you wont belive the smell the cleaning process creates. srsly fuck me sideways! its an evil insidious stench that clings to you and everything it touches, a smell that can make the gods them selves weep.

ohh fuck i hope i can get ride of it BELCH!!!

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ok every one choose from the folowing mystery choices · 1:39am Nov 4th, 2012


The Mad hatter

The bowler

the plunger

the droper

The father

The Artist

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ok everyone, story up and need help makeing a choice · 4:38pm Nov 3rd, 2012

who do you think should read the book next?

possible choices are

rainbow dash


or rareity

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Fixed up my page some, added some bells n whistles · 10:44am Nov 2nd, 2012

hope yall like

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my story is now up pending aproval · 3:09pm Nov 1st, 2012

yep decided to upload it, maby comments can help push out the next chapter :/

this is the form its been in for monthes, finaly decided that it ended quite nice, so rather then cloging it up with an alternate point of view i decided next chapter will do that.

please tell me your thoughts.

ironicaly last night i also published my first portal 2 test chamber which you can view here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105533207

its called

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ok its been what? a few months? i need HELP! · 7:51pm Oct 24th, 2012

look ill level with you, chapter 1 part a is done at roughly 2k words.

that means i still need to write a part b so its up to 4 k words.

after all i want my story to be a real story lenth otherwise no one will read it.

im stuck

what the fuck do i write now?? any one out there care to read what ive got so far and give me ideas?

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Aatar update! and first story Incoming! · 12:02pm Jul 13th, 2012

my avatar was dony by the lovly http://www.furaffinity.net/user/goldmajesty

also all future art most likly will be done by her.

also first story incoming!

just needs prereader/edtior.!
and artwork!

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