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Hello bronies and pegasister, i am CartoonEnthusiast. i'm a vincentian and a beginner animatior/writer. i'm a big fan of cartoon since i was a toddler and am so excited to be in the mlp fanbom.

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Newbie Pegasister join the fandom · 11:33pm Aug 18th, 2016

Hello everypony, Bronies, Pegasister, Writers. I am CartoonEnthusiast and i'm a vincentian brony just joining the community. I've watch the show and i love the fandom. I've been learn a lot about it since last year or so, and it's actually interest. the show is funny, kind, have positive message and you can't hate theses characters. Pinkie is my favorite pony. HEE HEE.

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Welcome to fimfiction!!!

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