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Peri Winkle

Hi there internet land! My name is Peri and I am so excited to write stories and hear your feedback! I hope that you'll like them!

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Minuette, cheerful and sweet, as bubbly as toothpaste, and as friendly as anypony in Equestria. But there is something beneath the surface, something broken, torn and ragged. So broken for so long, she has become numb to the pain. Minuette has lost almost everything she had cared about. She has spent so long hiding this pain, that the littlest thing could upset the balance and renew the pain she has burying for so long.
But perhaps there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.

My cover was made by this awesome person Here and I got the idea from this awesome youtube video! You should totally check it out, this guy is awesome :D
Right here!

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The Doctor is fatally wounded, Minuette is afraid, and the Doctor comforts her by telling her about Regeneration, about it's ups and downs, how he loves and hates it.
And how it's the one thing that scares him more then death itself.

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Celestia, princess, sister, loving ruler, kind teacher, and devoted to all. She is old, over several thousand years now. And she is tired. So very tired of living. She has shone as princess of the sun for many many centuries. But the darkness eats away at her inside.
The sun may set all to soon.

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Hi, my name is Midnight Gleaming, at least, that's what I call myself. I don't really remember who I was, but being a unicorn with retrograde amnesia isn't my biggest problem. I have trouble with my magic, it just bursts out of me at random moments, much to everyone's displeasure. But Princess Luna decided I should be given a chance, and has taken me on as her personal student, I am so excited to learn!

Also big thanks to Gogofan, who made my cover, and Candlelit inspiration who is helping with the editing!

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