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When something in the dark arts seems to be impossible, I'm the pony for the job.

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Thanks for faving A Gentle Breeze of Change.

My ongoing collab is called Lavender Heart, which is about these friends who end up as anthro versions of the mlp cast. OC's and canon characters are welcome!
anthros of harmony

Lavender heart deals with the main character, portrayed by Skaltrox Defiance Knight, becoming the anthro version of Princess Twilight sparkle.

Woot! thanks for the favorite on Bone Daddy! Please drop upvote if you enjoy it and leave me comments on what you think of it.

So you do dark magic I take it? How much to get a cupcake to Lucifier himself?

Thanks for favoriting Drake's Empire! :moustache:

Loved the game and your writing of the story within the fall of equestria universe fits well. <3

Thanks for adding Fall of Equestria: For Honor

Any parts you like in particular.

  • Viewing 15 - 19 of 19
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