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With these hands I have laid the foundations of countless worlds, with these words I have breathed life into countless fantastical races and with these eyes I have seen the works of countless others.


To whom it may concern · 6:27pm Jan 22nd, 2017

I am currently working on pushing out a new chapter for my Little human rebellion is magic thank you for your patience I will try to make it longer as a consolation.

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New year · 10:33pm Dec 31st, 2016

The year is here. The time of year when people make resolutions that they never follow etc. Honestly I just want to get a story out. Already got one in the wings just need to hammer out a few more details and polish up the intro then it'll be good to go so... watch this space! I guess.

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Holidays are here · 2:53pm Dec 5th, 2016

Yay Christmas is here presents, staying at home, getting fat and meeting family members that you didn't even know existed. My family tree on my dads side is massive. Imagine going to the apple family reunion when you don't the names (or that they even existed) of 87% of the people present and you have pretty good idea. Anyways have a good one.

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American elections · 7:40pm Nov 12th, 2016

Not trying to sound like a dick here but if this backfires it's your own damn fault but on the bright side I'm sure that his presidency can't be that bad our idiot of a president only build himself a mansion with taxes create a toll system no body pays for and mess around in parliament. Well he did help us almost get marked under junk status but that something else entirely.

Thought for the day :
Is humanity the denial of cruelty or it's creation?

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Daily update · 1:01pm Nov 7th, 2016

Middle of exams here and I cannot be bothered to study in addition it's raining, which is actually a good thing mind as we are in the middle of a drought over here but I'm just getting antsy because it's messing with the satellite dish and now I can't watch anything. Childish I know.

Thought for the day:
Peace is built on the bodies of the innocent.

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More excuses · 3:16pm Nov 1st, 2016

Bloody Wi-Fi came up and said that I was out of bundle and I had already burned through all my mobile data by that point so I was completely offline and unable to work on my stories and for that I apologize. The moral of this story? Never attempt to watch five different anime's simultaneously.

Quote of the day:
"So ... you're saying life has no plot."
Metro 2033 Dmitry Glukhovsky

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Daily update · 1:19pm Oct 24th, 2016

I'm thinking of writing one blog post per day as motivation to write more and to vent some stuff. So yeah apart from getting needled for reading during substitution my day was pretty good all things considered.

Thought for the day: Time is like mercury. Break it apart and it reconstitutes itself and having released it from the restraints of watches, clocks and calendars it will assume it's own flow measured in countless ways by countless minds.

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Damnable protests · 3:20pm Oct 10th, 2016

I don't know if anyone even reads these bloody things or if this has reached an international yet but these fucking protests are starting to piss me off. For those of you who are unaware earlier this year university students got the idea that free education should be a thing and it all went tits up from there. Look it up if you want but my point is that these people cannot seem to realize that we just do not have the money for it and now their running around setting the campus on fire and

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Heads up · 9:25am Oct 5th, 2016

It would seem that my first story isn't doing terribly well but it isn't getting panned either which is good so since I'm in the middle of a ten day holiday I have decided to start working on a new project which means that updates for my other fic may take a bit longer.

Thought for the day:
You cannot understand nor do you want to.

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My Excuse · 6:56pm Sep 5th, 2016

Not quite sure how it works anywhere else in the world but over here we are in the middle of exams so I am currently stuck between my writing and studying so things might slow down in regards to my writing but I will most definitely make up for it as I am aiming for one chapter per month. Just so you know and in case I develop a fan base overnight.

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