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I'm a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, a few other anime, and videogames. That being said, hope you enjoy my stories!


This story is a sequel to EoH Evolution: Season 3

Ever since he destroyed Shining Dawn, Burst Stream's life has resumed it's usual routine. At least, it would have if he hadn't split with Celestia to give themselves some much needed space after Shining Dawn had nearly torn them apart. But the space in Burst's heart was not empty for long. It's a space that Nightmare Moon has now filled. However, it's not a space she entirely occupies. Burst still loves Celestia. He always will. So how powerful is a heart that has room for the love to two goddesses? Burst Stream will find that out for himself. And maybe then, he'll also find out what his destiny is. Maybe then, his crest will be complete.

It will be no easy task. And returning foes like the Chaos Kin will only add to the challenge. As well as an old foe from Aether's past. One who has been rotting in Tartarus. And if he can't make the father pay, then the son shall suffer. . .

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This story is a sequel to EoH Evolution: Season 3

During a visit to the Crystal Empire, Twilight's crown is stolen and the thief escapes through a mirror to another world. One devoid of magic. And thanks to this thief, that just might change very soon. However, Twilight is not alone in her mission. Castalot High will soon receive heroes of its own. For with the arrival of magic, the advent has been re-invoked. HENSHIN!

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This story is a sequel to EoH Evolution: Season 2

Things have been going great since Queen Chrysalis was defeated. The changelings who defected from their former leader now call Unity their home. Both sets of elements are enjoying their rest. And Burst Steam is throwing himself into his relationship with Celestia. It seems like our hero is living the dream he's had ever since he promised to give Nightmare Moon's story a happy ending. But the thing is? Her story isn't over.

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This story is a sequel to EoH Evolution: Season 2

Following the events of the Royal Wedding Incident, a majority of the changeling population have defected from their hive due to the actions of Queen Chrysalis. However, that was not the only unintended consequence. Narico, the same nymph who stood against Chrysalis during the wedding, has now become the first changeling king.

The young king has a monumental task before him: integrating his people to become citizens of the kingdom of Unity. But this is by no means an easy attack. Following the attempted invasion, most are wary of Narico and his people. Despite their being little or no choice given to their involvement. Not only will Narico have to deal with that, but he'll also need to dismantle the suppressed life that changelings have been subjected to since the day they were born. But then again, nothing worth doing is ever easy. And he's not in this task alone.

Narico and Night Fang are owned by MLPFan1.
Silk Snare, Carapace, and Constrictor are owned by me.

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This story is a sequel to EoH Evolution: Season 1

With the destruction of the Nightmare Forces, peace has returned to Unity. Burst and his friends are enjoying the peace and quiet, but a hero's work is never done. New Elements of Herosim have begun to awaken. And new evils loom over the horizon.

Burst Stream, Inferno Flare, Steel Edge, Tyrannus Rex, and Akage Strider are owned by me.
Arctic Ace, Shadow Thunder, Dark Ice, Night Fang, and Venus Bloomer are owned by MLPFan1.
Magnet North is owned by goldenrise365.

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It's been a thousand years since the Elements of Harmony were last active. In that time, peace has reigned throughout the land of Unity. But all good things must come to an end. Evil forces have begun to stir. Ones that harmony alone won't be enough to defeat. Unity needs protectors to rise. It needs heroes. And it will get them. This is their story. And it all begins with a single promise.

Note: This story is a reboot of my old series called Elements of Heroism. Reading it is not required in order to understand what's going on, but doing so is appreciated. Thank you. And I hope you enjoy this new beginning.

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This story is a sequel to Elements of Heroism: Season 6

With Blitz Surge's defeat, all seems right with the world. But not for Burst Stream. He made a promise to himself that he'd give Luna's story a happy ending. And now? Now Luna has to carry the betrayal of her heart with her for all eternity. Something Burst can't let stand. There's one person who has the power to fix this all. A chaotic rebirth is at hand.

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This story is a sequel to Elements of Heroism: Season 5

So I've been sealed on the moon thanks to my "brother". Turns out he's a total asshole who wanted to get me out of the way so he can be the "hero". Well, I know how I'm going to kick his ass when I'm getting back! Oh. I should probably introduce myself. I'm Burst Stream. Why am I telling you, the audience, all of this? Well this is gonna be a short season folks. Like, REALLY short.

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This story is a sequel to Elements of Heroism: Season 4

None of the Elements of Heroism ever planned on becoming heroes. Or fighting some of the greatest threats to Equestria. Or getting girlfriends. Most of them anyway. But if there's anything they've learned, life doesn't stay dull for them for too long. ROCK THE DRAGON!

Burst Stream, Inferno Flare, Steel Edge, Tyrannus Thunder, Akage Strider, and Blitz Surge are owned by me.
Arctic Ace, Shadow Thunder, Dark Ice, Venus Bloomer, and Night Fang are owned by MLPFan1.
Magnet North and Nightfall Silver are owned by goldenrise365.

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Long ago, Celestia found a world beyond a mirror. One she could escape through when her world became too much. One where her sister was never banished. And where a good King Sombra ruled fairly. A world with everything she knew she couldn't have. But time changes things. Now Celestia is truly happy in her own world thanks to Burst Stream, and his currently dating him alongside a reformed Nightmare Moon. However, the unexpected happens. Mirror Sombra has now appeared in her Equestria and desperately requests her aid to face the villains of his world. There would be no problem. If it weren't for the fact that Mirror Sombra still loves Celestia deeply.

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