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King Kitty II

I'm a Christian brony. Pinkie is best pony. I am named after my cat. Eventually I hope to write something on this site. Yay! ...or edit something so I can at least feel accomplished.


New Name · 5:06am Mar 26th, 2017

So I'm named after my cat now. Yep. Because he's awesome. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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I Have Been Being Watched... · 3:00am Sep 8th, 2016

So I wanted to type this a week ago, but homework, laziness, procrastination, family time, laziness, 90s tv shows happened. So yeah.

I was just spinning around on my AWESOME spinny chair in chemistry--it takes all the boredom out of lectures, just spin, spin, spin and I'm off topic. So anyway, three weeks into school I notice one of these:

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Random Questions For Random People · 2:30am Aug 16th, 2016

I'm bored and don't feel like sleeping so...

Random questions to random people that probably won't answer!

Q.1: What is your special talent?

Q.2: What is your Harry Potter house?

Q.3: ...I actually don't have a third question. I just want to know if anyone will answer the first two. Sooo... Question 3: Did you answer the first two?

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I'm Back! And No One Noticed I Was Gone · 4:47am Aug 15th, 2016

So I just came back from volunteering at this place called Camp Barnabas on Friday. It took me a few days to write this cause of laziness and last minute Summer homework. So anyway I spent a week clearing tables, doing dishes, serving said tables, cleaning bathrooms, getting 3 to 4 less hours of sleep as normal and pretending to die when a specific kid dabbed in my direction.
It was one of the best--if not THE best--weeks of my Summer.

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