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I am a novice writer who tries to find inspiration from pretty almost everything.

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An Equestria Girls AU.

Yun Ikari is a teenager who has recently enrolled in Canterlot High. People have wondered why he always wears a pair of gloves and keeps his hood down. Who is he anyway? And just what kind of antics will this school take with him around?

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Equestria is in chaos. War is going on and violence is spreading. The Princesses are doing whatever they can to stop this madness. Neighboring countries are eyeing on Equestria. Despite the alliances with Saddle Arabia and the Crystal Empire, victory will be difficult.

You are a new recruit of the Equestrian Army. What you do will affect this war.

The choices will be picked via vote. This will be a definitive and cemented chapter. No alternatives at all.

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Hat Trick is a retired soccer player who has played for many teams, won many championships and scored many goals. Even winning many awards, he was a youngster indeed.

Unfortunately, he even got himself injured in a fatal accident at such a young age. Forced to retire, he seems to have settled himself in Ponyville.

One day after his full recovery, Princess Celestia has sent a letter to Hat Trick, telling him to form Ponyville's first soccer team. Things at first seem to go okay. Unfortunately, these newcomers have a lack of soccer skills. With the Equestrian Soccer League a month away, can Hat Trick shape these new players up? Will he be able to come out of retirement?

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Star Scorcher is a party animal in Cloudsdale. Known for his crazy antics, he is regarded as Cloudsdale's No. 1 wild child. Still, this doesn't get rid of the fact that he is one of the most fastest and most graceful flyers to most ponies. But what happens when a huge mishap happens in one of the shows? Scorcher's got some new friends. And true friends, to say the least.

Both this version of The Wonderbolts and the cover art belong to TheWonderPuppet.
Star Scorcher belongs to me.

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Chamberlain had lived a peaceful life. Anything that had to do with internal affairs, he would just ignore it. He wanted to live life at it's fullest. He had loved the townsfolk, and they loved him too. Until, disaster struck, when his mother was killed by somepony/one/thing. This had scarred him for the rest of his life.

Worse things worse, Chamberlain is taken into prison for a crime he didn't commit, the murder of his mother. Being testified against, it's the world against him. Escaping from execution, he ventures into the new lands he had never been to before while placing the events in his journal.

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