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Fighting for what you believe in is sometimes all you can do, so you should do so. Freedom; Opinion; Love; Answers; Everything has a price, but what are you willing to pay for it?

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My name was Mike. I was a simple teenager in a town. I had a decent life. Although, besides my family and friends, nothing really tied me to the world. I'm sure many of people have thought about it, but well it actually did happen to me. I was in fact placed on a different world, and let me tell you, its definitely not what you would be used to. I had no survival training, but luckily the world was inhabited, just not what I was used to.

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Tyler Reece, a Paleontologist, who has lived a rather boring life, fins the discovery of the century. An evolved Tyrannosaurus Rex. Larger, meaner, and more predatory. It dwarfs the previous incarnation, by becoming slightly larger than a Spinosaurus, and having the weight to match. Of course there was only so much to gauge from the bones, but of course, while Tyler is trying to bask in his short glory, he is taken to a far off world.

However, luckily for Tyler he's not defenseless, as he controls the body of the most powerful predator in that world: the world of Equus.

A world filled with colorful....talking ponies....who are herbivores....Yep....

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Dark pasts haunt all. A man with such a dark past and unforgiving future, lands in the colorful land of Equestria, where he figures out the dark truths of his past and kind friendship along the way.

Is he a peaceful man, or a fire breathing demonic monster? A friendly human, or a slayer of gods and sower of destruction? Will he find peace and friendship or painful memories and cruel foes?

Aldon is ripped from his own world, in the most controversial way: death. He is tasked with helping and protecting the new world he lands in, but will he be seen as a monster or friend?

Original character and his background and story is mine, but MLP and such is property of respected authors and affiliates.

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