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This story was not all created by myself. I asked around for ideas in a mumble channel, and they all gave my the most ridiculous ideas. Credit to Jazzy2001 - Legless zombies suggester. AtticusTaylor - Created most of the plot before the zombies were suggested. Jellocubez - I think she was the one who drove the zombie plot further. I may be wrong, but I know she helped :)
Any others I have forgotten, I will add later!

The CMC are in need of an idea to get through with their homework assignment. This story includes zombies, but nothing I think would count for a mature rating. If I am incorrect, please, by all means, let me know, and I will have it changed right away! This story involves legless zombies. I was bored one night, and came up with this. If you think you would get a kick out of this one, then by all means, please enjoy! :)

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