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A simple soldier and a regal princess. Two beings who should have nothing in common. Brought together, was it coincidence or fate? Both will find that they have more in common than one might think.

Two broken beings.
Two broken hearts.
Two broken souls.
One enchanted river.

The Sacred River.

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On the eve before the release of Black Ops 2 Aaron the Online Gamer is sucked into Equestria. Now Aaron is on an epic quest to get back home before the midnight release. But can Equestria handle the self proclaimed CoD Beast who is already lost in his own online fantasy world? Can the residents of Equestria handle Aarons colorful vocabulary without losing their innocence? Is there such a thing as a gamer in Equestria that Aaron can connect with? Do you even care?!

Inspired by the Youtube show The Online Gamer, if you haven't seen any episode I highly suggest you check an episode out.

Rated teen for copious amounts of naughty words.
WARNING- Aaron is a portrayal of how some CoD online gamers act in game. If you are easily offended by naughty words I suggest you to run. Also don't take this too seriously.

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In a world where ponies are the most dominant species, one gryphon fights for the betterment of his proud country, but when a routine mission goes awry he finds himself trapped in the very country he has been taught to hate. But being a victim of hate himself, Will he be able to get past the generations of hate that was bred into his very soul? And see his enemies as something more, maybe even friends? Will he find something bigger that's worth fighting for? And can he do this all without blowing his cover that he is the enemy?

A story about how not everything is as it seems.

This is my first time ever trying my hand at writing. Just testing the waters out. Feel free to comment on things I should work on.

Chapters (2)
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