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With the other Cutie Mark Crusaders caught up in family obligations, Scootaloo enlists the aid of her mentor, Rainbow Dash, to earn her cutie mark. But when Rainbow Dash's theatrics leave Scootaloo broken hearted, the elder pegasus has to look past her own definition of awesome to make ammends.

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After a spectacular failure, Star Swirl the Bearded comes out of retirement in the founding days of Equestria to guide two young apprentices, Clover the Clever and Lily the Lovely in the ways of magic. As he struggles to help the young students learn the details of their gifts, the three of them face some of the greatest threats in Equestrian history. Though Star Swirl serves as their mentor and tutor, he discovers more about himself than he ever imagined possible by facing the sins of his past and struggling to see they are not repeated.

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After seeing the Cutie Mark Crusaders in another spectacular failed attempt in their quest to find their Cutie Marks, Pipsqueak turns to Pinkie Pie for advice on how to help them. Inspired by one of his heroes, the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, he creates his own secret identity: The Heroic Foal Wonder! Results of his heroics are less than spectactular.

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