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This story is a sequel to Equestria Girls - A Whole New World

It's been days since Sunset Shimmer's downfall at the Fall Formal. Even after the events of the formal, students still don't trust her, so she has some things to make up for. A lot of things, from making amends to students she bullied and proving herself to her former mentor. This sets on a journey that would either end in redemption, or her demons coming back to haunt her.

Note: For better context, pleas read the previous story.

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It has been a year since Jackboot had graduated from Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. But there is a problem, he had become a borderline shut-in. Despite his family's best efforts, he has had complete trouble trying to come out of his shell. But one day, fate manages to get him to go the Summer Sun Celebration being held in Ponyville. That's when things change.

This is the first part of a series of connected anthologies that tale place in the same universe.

Note form the Author: The following is a remake of the fan-fiction, "Hammer & Anvil". It is still up for those who want to read it, despite it's cancellation.
Have a blessed day.

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Twilight has been only a Princess for a short time and still hasn't gotten used to it. When she and her friends take a trip to the Crystal Empire for a visit, Twilight faces a new challenge, her crown getting stolen. The Culprit: Sunset Shimmer, former student of Princess Celestia, who takes the crown through a strange mirror. Upon that mirror is a strange world where she meets alternate versions of her friends. Their names are Florence "Flutters" Shepperd, Alison "AJ" Jackson, Rachel "Dash" Danshov, Rarity Hotchkiss, Pinkie Peirce, and a familiar looking boy named Bradley "Flash" Shields. With their help, will Twilight get her crown back from Sunset Shimmer, or will she be trapped in this world for thirty moons?

(Note: This is pretty much my version of Equestria Girls. I'll try hard as possible not to completely copy the movie. Stealing is wrong people, don't do it)

Update: I had made several changes to this story. If you have any question, please comment below and I will address them.

(Second note: I rated this as teen because there will be some cussing in this)

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If he wasn't a student of Princess Celestia herself, Jackboot would seem to be your average Canterlot handypony. Usually a loner, he never really made any friends which had led to him being bullied in his youth, which, funny enough, led to him becoming Celestia's student. Until one day, Celestia sends him to Ponyville to help with the Summer Sun Celebration. Will he makes friends? Would he find love?

In regards to the tag, "Alternate Universe", this takes place during season five, after Twilight's Castle of Friendship is created. Just to be clear.

This story is based on the work of Nordryd. He is an awesome author. Please check out his work.

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