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Pictures · 2:45am Jan 28th, 2018

Ok guys. I have a question. How in the actual heck do you PM someone a picture?! I tapped the little mountain picture thing but says SFW images only. My thoughts are it means Safe For Work...though I’m not entirley sure. How would you send someone a picture of a hat or something?!?

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I need someone to talk to.... · 2:39am Sep 14th, 2017

So... I've never done this before but I really need to talk to someone about this... even if no one responds it'll make me feel a little better to have said it somewhere... So a few hours earlier today I talked with my best friend... sorta... we just sat there in silence. I read a book and she was on her phone.. I tried to start conversations but they all faded out... I texted her (we have serious talks over texts) that I didn't like that we don't talk anymore. We would talk and have fun all

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