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Life used to be simple for little Scuff. He didn't have to worry about finding food or staying out of harm's way. His parents were always there to look out for him. However, all that changed when the Big Dogs came to take his mama and papa away. Terrified, with nobody to turn to, our little trooper finds himself on a journey to find a new place to call home.

He never expected that it would be in the vast land of Equestria, however.

Chapters (5)

For the past few months, Rover and his dreaded band of Diamond Dogs have been on the lam from the law. Laying low in the small settlement of Appleoosa, the canines are spotted by a local resident. Once apprehended by a group of Canterlot guards, the thieves are met with a hasty sentence of permanent banishment into the wastelands to the north.

On his way to the barren wilderness, the group's leader, Rover Berylav manages to escape the prison train. Terrified and alone, he makes his way west, hoping to jump a boat back to his homeland. However, he finds himself incapacitated in the small, rural town of Ponyville. Broken with no one he can trust, the dog is forced to take refuge with a ghost of his past.

After spending his time under the radar, Rover begins to feel regret for the life he's been living his life. Reflecting upon the horrors of his dark childhood, the furry protagonist faces that which he has feared his entire life.

Chapters (2)

Ebony Hack has been living his life modestly as a frontier pony on the slopes of the Smokey Mountain, hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of civilization. Isolated from his family and friends, our protagonist starts to face a bitter loneliness ripping at his heart. As his mind drifts to thoughts of his beloved hometown of Ponyville, he is greeted by an unexpected guest. Unknown to the gentle, woodland stallion, his life is about to be changed forever.

Chapters (13)

The Everfree Nuclear Power Plant has been functioning for nearly a year now. Unfortunately, a tragic accident occurs when a pony leaves his station unattended. Little being known about the effects of nuclear fallout, Equestria is faced with a massive problem. Will the Elements of Harmony be able to stop this new tragedy?

Chapters (9)
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