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I write stories, but that's when I make the effort and I'm NOT writing a secret story.


Pyrrha Nikos is given tickets to Equestria because she's just so good at contests and stuff.
Immediately upon arrival, she starts messing things up and has to apologize all the time.

Rated 'W' for 'Why?'
Crossover with RWBY.
Written in 20 minutes, because I felt like insulting Canada.

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The shining pinnacle of everything good about the world of Equis.

The Badlands.
The run-down hole of everything terrible about the world of Earth.

When a massive corporation fires one of its Snipers for failing to perform well enough in the field, he ends up transported from Earth to Equis. Hoping to make some new friends, he sets about socializing. However, this is harder than it seems, especially when he's not the only one to be taken there. After all, how is a murdering gunman with low self-esteem going to fit in when placed in a country full of peaceful equines with friendly attitudes and whilst under fire from everything that isn't himself?

Horribly, I assume.

Self-Insert; Simply using my Sniper as a placeholder for myself.

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Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadence end up in an argument.
Evidently, they clearly require the assistance of the finest in their respective guard regiments to act as their private bodyguards, couriers, and other such jobs that would be easily done by someone else.
Is there a bigger reason behind it?

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Undisclosed location in the Highlands, Scotland. May 16, 2022.

The Bronies have been preparing for this day for years. The day that their plans, our plans, could finally come to fruition. After a devastating campaign against the Brony community since the Anonymous hacking organization forced many false titles upon the Bronies, all but a few thousand have been shot, arrested, executed, and treated as though they were but rats.

As though they were but vermin.

An abandoned bunker for military purposes has been commandeered by the surviving Bronies for the sole purpose of a place to live, regrow, and, most importantly, develop the technology to move on. To a better place, to Equestria.

Unoriginal, yes. Probably going to get hate, yes. Do I give a toss?

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"Twilight, I'm sure you and the girls will be able to look after them. After all, they can't be that bad, right?"

When curiosity gets the better of Twilight, she summoned forth the Freaks.
When confusion overtook the Freaks, they realized they weren't at home.
When they weren't at home, they'd need to be looked after.
When looking after them, they must be fed.
Painis Cupcake was not fed.
He will eat you.

Heh, just thought it might be funny to see how the ponies would respond to different TF2 Freaks. After all, GentleSpy living with somepony with equally high tastes can only end well for my writing skills, correct?

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My name is Richard Conway. I'm a Freelance Spy, working for all kinds of people and usually breaking lots of things, namely windows, in the process.
So, an old friend, Melanie Rooke, had this device she gave me as thanks for cleaning up a few misplaced and lost files from an old building of hers. Needless to say, I can now travel between dimensions, and I've surprisingly found one inhabited by adorable ponies. But, evidently, they don't want me there, so I'll have to do this one on my own.
The most important thing is that I can kick down doors.

This is a story based off of the indie game Gunpoint, and I highly recommend you play it before reading this.

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Princess Luna is bored.

She has already played all of the games on her Steam account, created a link with Earth so she can play with the humans, and, tired of being insulted by foals, decides she can make her own entertainment using her incredible knowledge of computers and Twilight Sparkle's spare time. After all, her best human friend telling her of a game where there is really no objective sounds fun.

What should she call the game, if she makes it?

Why, Luna's Mod of course!

This was just a silly idea I had in my head, so as usual don't expect anything good.

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Engineer and Sniper, the RED team's campers, are pretty much the best friends one might see on a battlefield full of annoying teenagers with baseball bats and pyromaniacs who don't see things as they should. Engineer covers Sniper's back with Sentries, supplies the two of them with ammo, and in return, Sniper spychecks, defends Engineer, and gets rid of enemy Snipers.
However, after an incident involving a sapper, Razorback, and malfunctioning teleporter, the two are sent to a dimension where it's all the things Sniper and Engineer dislike. Nay, the things they hate. So how will the two get back to their camping, Nopeing, and Pissing? And why are the two replacements sent by the mysterious Grey Man so...mechanical?

Please. Somebody stop me from posting these stories. Rated Teen for mild language.

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Waking up to discover you're a machine you thought fictional in an unidentified land is less fun than it sounds. Especially when you work for Hyperion. I had that same experience: except that my employers seem to be trolling me endlessly by sending me up against powerful talking horses. However, the threat of Hyperion invasion still looms: and the constant threat of inadvertently growing attached to the horses.

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Luna accidentally ends up arguing with Tamriel's Dragonborn. They begin a poetic argument involving knees, swords, shouting, and magic. What could possibly go wrong?

I do intend to add more, then link all of the encounters together. These are not different stories.

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