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A new town, a new life, a new school. Your parents got you your very own apartament for you to live in and finally get some independance from them. They of course enlisted you to one of the best schools in town since they want you to have the best eduaction there is, but there is a cost to having such a great education.

Crystal Prep Academy is not really known to be too social and accepting to strangers, but there are some students who are not as bad as they look once you get to know them, who knows, maybe you can get more than just a friend?

Warning: Violance, Innapropiate Language, Bullying, Blackmailing and a few other minor things. The list might grow as time goes on. Sex tag is there for suggestive content and conversations.

Got inspired to try and write my own fics by Holy You should totally go check their stories if you want some quality content.

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