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I write slice-of-life fics once in a nightmare moon.

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Please write more Mama Twilight and Spike stories!

Thanks for the fave!!:yay:

I had no idea you made it through all that.
You are an insanely brave individual. And talented too.
It's good that you decided to stick around.
The world needs more people like you.

I would be glad to be your friend man. I'm always looking to meet new people. And I'm always interested in their stories.
Keep going friend. /)

Thanks for reading Starlight's Dream Therapy. The reason I'm replying via a comment on your page is the reason I was able to write the story.

I was born with congenital glaucoma. I lost my left eye at age 5 and lost my right eye at an increasingly fast pace until December of last year. I'm 37.

I grew up in a small town that had no idea how to handle a 'legally blind' person going through the public school system. My dad was a functional alcoholic and did drugs when he knew my sister and, my sister was born three years later with the same condition, I couldn't see him.

I was successful in public school BUT my dad's way of having me "Be like everyone else" took its toll when I started college and really realized the mistakes made in not getting proper earlier interventions to prepare me for sight loss nor how to work with what minimal sight I had. (My best vision was 20 / 400 in the right eye)

I spent my 20s hating myself, hating God, and just generally really having everything come slam me in the face as employers would use my disability against me. I was belittled, bullied, and discriminated against. All legally. (I tried to call lawyers about two employers who put me through some very painful bullying / discrimination and learned how even having a record of negative behavior from them doesn't count against the organization. Moreover is how weak the ADA is towards defending those with special needs against corporate cruelty)

My first dabble in suicide came when my right eye grew a corneal ulsar and my usable vision went to foggy without any ability to gauage beyond fingers a short distance away. I had subsequent moments, particularly when my eye, for lack of better words, 'exploded' when I was 32 and I was temporarily totally blind and on lock-down in a hospital. I then had moments of wanting to cease my life as a result of bullying and horrid discrimination at my previous employer. I, to me, got to an even worse place of actually wanting to kill a coworker for how they were quite alright with watching me bullied by superiors while truly belittling my work efforts.

Fortunately my early 30s is also when I discovered communities, like this one. I got into therapy and started working out my issues, which are still issues. However Pony really helped in my healing. Especially the special, Snowdrop. That animation sealed me in the community while finally starting my path to being 'okay' with going totally blind.

I attended BronyCon in 2013 and saw it as one, if not the only, times where I didn't feel like an unwelcome cripple. I had people talking to me instead of avoiding me. I also saw what Pony had done for so many with special needs. This got me to do all I could to come back all the way into this year. However I didn't just go back. I started a program that had been accepted at the convention since 2014 called "Coping With Limitations Through Pony". In the panel series my team and I talked out all sorts of situations in which life can be unfair / misunderstood. However we pointed out, as I still do, how a limitation is 1% of who you are and how important it is to see how we are all pony fans, writers, artists, etc.

Pony, or not, the arts are an 'Equal Ground' for us all. Writing has allowed me to see without having sight. (I have software on my computer that reads to me and allows me to interact despite now being totally blind)

Know that the right friends will come along and assist you in being the best you that you can be. I could even be one of those friends if you send me a Message? (My accessibility tools don't let me respond to comments or start messages. However I can create comments and reply to messages. That's the minus of access tech but it's120% better than being cut off from the world as a result of blindness.)

Oh sweet I will PM you on dA and we can discuss!
I'll gladly be your proofreader

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