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I'm keeping this christmas hat. For the whole year. Why? Well, it makes sense in Australia's summer, as that's near christmas. Any other time, it's just becasue it's cold.

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Thanks a bunch for the fave!

You're welcome.

thanks for the follow, here is a follow

2420554 No problemo.

Hey, thanks for the follow; hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile:

2315176 Pfft whatevs.

Heya thanks for the follow and stuff.

Thanks for the watch!

2249533 If tis ends with us hanging froma cliff, I sweaaaaaaaaAAAARRRR!
*Grabs cliff*
Oh great.

Stairbelt, eh, that'll do.
Ooop! Another cliff coming up! :yay:
*sprays silly string on my head*

2249526 But there are no seats...
Only stairs. And I need some stars to get up them, I think I needed all of them. See you in a bit, gotta count stars.
Also, I have a stairbelt. \.'-'./

Thanks for watching! :heart:
Hope you brought a seatbelt~ :pinkiecrazy:

2248661 Too bitter. Tea is nice because it has very little taste, but still tastes nice.
Coffee has a very strong, bitter taste. I might try getting used to it one day though.
Who noses.

2248645 Oh? How come?

2248630 Easy peasy: Tea.
I hate coffee with a passion.

Tea or coffee?

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