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your problematic fave


• So · 2:49pm Jun 21st, 2017

hi again yall!

i know nobody exactly cares too much about my activity/wellbeing as much anymore but some of yall like to keep updated? its almost july thank god and that means its finally almost time for summer... thank god this past school year has been,,, eventful, to say the least

but her once summer comes that means 6 weeks of freedom from schoolwork!! woo
i also get to meet my boyfriend ahhh im so excited for summer

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• Well · 5:09pm Apr 17th, 2017

im gonna be on n' off this site. y'all have been asking me for a while why i'm rarely active; i'm not into mlp anymore. i stopped enjoying it nearly two years ago - it makes me cringe, but if thats what you're into, fantastic. you do you.

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