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Rainbow Dash had been fighting in the war since she was a teenager, who heard the call for willing soldiers. She thought, in her youthful stupidity, that she would get to do awesome stuff, like she had never gotten the chance to do when she was a filly. She had never imagined that she would lose a wing, have her ear split, or become caught in an unending mental torment. However, when herself and a fellow soldier are assigned to be Princess Celestia's personal bodyguards on a visit to Ponyville, by request of an Earth Pony by name of Applejack, the information that is brought to light sets the three on a trip through Equestria, on a search for an answer to their own lives.

Every chapter is going to alternate between each characters POV. Rated teen for very very very mild gore, (but not enough to consider it a tag), and Cloudsdale curses. Tagged dark for obviously war. No spoilers here, because I think I wrapped it up in the above description.

Cover art is created by me. The old cover art was ugly as heck.

Edited by German Empirebell.

I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or its contents.

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