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Hello fellow bronys and pegesisters. My favourite pony is also my Best Pony Princess is Princess Luna and best pony is actually from pen stroke and it's Nyx from Past Sins.

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Every once and awhile ponies sometimes ask a simple question that so far has never been answered. Who or what made the Thestrals and what is there purpose? Why is there always three forms of them that make them just like the three tribes? Are they some creations back from the Lunar uprising or were they back before even then and if so, are the stories true about them being related to the mythical Vamponie's or not? These questions have went around a lot but so far everypony has dubbed Princess Luna being there maker or her mother or father for protecting ponies at night from the creatures that hunt at night. Unknown to all the true maker was soon to be revealed as well with a myth being turned true.

All credit for cover art goes to Parfaitpichu

Also I truly don't know who made the Thestrals so please to give bad comments and also for all safety from that this will be a alternate universe story. Also the changling in the cover art will appear later on in the story.

Also other tags may appear over time and human tag will show it self rather quickly so don't say anything about it.

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