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I'm done. I just don't have fun writing stuff anymore. You're free to take any of this material as your own. Have fun!

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After an incident occurred on a dangerous part of a town, I was transported to a new place and into a new body. The new location is some sort of hive with small bug-like horses and a queen that commands them all. I must've become one of them, and I'm worried that they might be catching on that I'm not what I seem to be.

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After Rainbow Dash reveals some unknown romantic feelings that she had, I'm not really sure how to respond, because I'm not attracted to small colorful horses. However, as determined as she is, Rainbow, and for some reason all of Ponyville, won't take "No" for an answer. They devise to bring back an old tradition to settle the romantic matter.

Warning: Strong Language like shit and fuck but that's bout it.
Also, the Romance tag seems to be one sided in this story so just be aware.

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There have been recent sightings of an unknown beast around Ponyville. It's believed to have come from the Everfree Forest and appears to be a combination of timber wolf and the Apple family's dog, Winona. But, could it be something more?

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During a nice camping trip with my dog, Max, I find that he had disappeared further into the forest. After a while of tracking him, I find a small cabin in the woods. The only problem is, is that the track doesn't end there.

Heavily inspired by The Inconveniences of Hiking Through Magical Caves

Warning: T for Strong Language (sometimes)

Chapters (1)

You've been best friends with Rainbow Dash since somehow winding up in Equestria. She's gotten your mind off of the terrible predicament that you've found yourself in and has been the most fun, supportive and understanding pony you've met.

Only, lately she's been acting quite strange around you. There is obviously something bothering her, but every time you mention it, she changes the subject and averts the question.

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An awful driving accident, results in a transition to a strange and unknown cave. What happened and how did I get here?!

What lurks further in the cave may hold answers, or just more questions that need to be answered, such as: "How did I get here?", "Where am I?", "What the hell are you?" and most importantly "How do I get home?"

This journey to try and get home and out of this cave may lead to even more problems and obstacles that must be faced.


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When I was young, my father left my mother, brother and I. We fell into poverty and lived on the streets for years. After I had experienced enough of watching the rest of my family suffer, I took action into my own hooves. I began to take from those who were filled with greed, and gave it to those who needed it most, my family.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to help them though, as my brother was taken away and my Mom was infected by a fatal virus. I was all alone. I didn't know what else to do afterwards, other than what I had been doing, stealing. I continued to take for most of my years. I had done it since I was a colt, so I became more and more efficient. I even gained a bit of reputation.

But one day, on a special theft operation, I was exposed to some unspeakable magic that granted me powers of telepathy and telekinesis. When I was able to harness these abilities, I strove for a much bigger target than petty theft. I wanted revenge, not only from my father, but Equestria for having taken the ones I loved.

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Being a fan of MLP, I always had the dream to one day live in that very world.

My name is Taylor and this is the story of that very incident. One fateful night after moving into a new house, I dreamt of entering into the land of Equestria. I was able to meet all of my favorite characters and live out the life of a young filly.

However, is it more than just some simple dream?

Chapters (9)
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