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Only my MLP related works shall go here. With that out of the way, hello, one and all! A pleasure to be here!

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Thanks for considering.. love your reviews as always.

Well...I'll think about that.

hey.. Big fan of your youtube reviews.. I gotta tell you DakariKingMyran reuploaded his stories onto Fimfiction... even has his own account... and is still the same whiny bitch as always.. you gotta check it out.. and please.. please continue reviewing his AWFUL fanfiction..

You're welcome.

As an admin of The Reader's Club, I'd proudly welcome you and thank you for joining. Please notify me by PM if you'd like me to add more folders, or if you have any questions regarding the group. Hope you have a nice day fellow user!:twilightsmile:

2440269 Ah. K then. 'Preciate it, man. Have a good day. :twilightsmile:

Well, it's because you commented on my story and seem to be a nice guy. I like rewarding people. Still, you're welcome.

Hi there. Noticed you followed me. For some reason... Not sure why, but thank you.

Hello MasterOfNintendo
Heard you were new to the site and I thought I'd introduce myself properly. So, welcome and we hope you get the most out of fimfiction.

thanks for the watch

Thanks! I'll do so when the next chapter boots up.

Ok, let me start off by welcoming you to the site. Please feel free to go to our various groups if you need anything. Also, if you need a hand on some emotional issues, not only am I here but there is also Anti-depression ponies.

Second, thank you so much for the fave of Fall of Starfleet, feel free to leave a comment about what you loved about it.

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