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The ultimate form of chaos.
The one type of chaos Discord hates.

It has claimed her.

warning: FEELZ
Cover by Alyssa Hartwick

Chapters (1)

You Do Not need to know the Undertale Franchise to read this.

"You think there are no consequences, don't you?"
"You just do what you want, kill whoever you want."
"Why? Why did you kill her?"

Ponytale:Crossovers are Magic

Chapters (1)

In a realm where Celestia rules alone...
Twlilight lives in a perfect world, student to the Queen Celestia.
Of course, only until she is given a book that the Lord of Chaos wants. A book that would be devastating for the world if the Lord of Chaos go to it.
Then the chaos began...
But Twlilight's not the only one with a problem.
Fluttershy would love nothing more than to make friends with the creature, and feels sorry for it, believing in second chances. But nopony around her cares.
It is a race to get to the end, to uncover the past that would rather stay hidden, and to beat the game.
Because, in games like this, the only danger is living.

Chapters (1)

The statue lies in the royal gardens, the statue representing the disharmony between ponies. Some say it was a representation of a creature that rampaged thousands of years ago. Others say it was somepony who ran afoul of the princesses.
Some say it would be alive.
Especially since deep in the night, the statue cries.

This is its story, its tale of how the stone would be much more of just a barrier preventing escape.
Even once it escapes its imprisonment, the statue will cry on.

Chapters (6)

Thy Nightmare Within I: Eternal Darkness

Our Sister is worshipped like a godly entity that she is not. She is too proud, she will be the destruction of all our subjects. We must stop her, before she leads to our kingdom's downfall. We must stop ourselves. We are not gods. Limelight will take its toll and our Sister will suffer. She must be stopped.
We must be stopped.

Luna's corruption.

Chapters (1)

Fluttershy and Discord really love like each other. Unfortunately, they are the only two creatures in Equestria who do not know that the feeling is mutual. Some people, however, will still do their best to pull them apart…But, well, Love is pretty chaotic and they’re in for one heck of a ride.

Disclaimer: If you get diabetes from Fluff-Cute overload, I bear no responsibility.
Some Art/ alternate coverart by The Greeat and Powaful....Alyssa Hartwick!!!!

Chapters (5)

Twilight lives in a perfect and happy world...... Then she finds a book.
With the book that a certain Lord of Chaos wants, and will resort to murder to get, she must uncover truths and lies, tracing all the way back to the beginning and founding of Equestria, when Princess Celestia made a deal to save her secret...sister? On Haitus.

Chapters (3)

The word hangs in the air,
A pub for all Villains,
Here and everywhere!
Luna decides to take a break from her royal duties and travels to an infamous pub. Antagonists'.
She encounters old friends, enemies, and of course, antagonists.
She's in for cards, drinks, and...chaos.

Chapters (1)

One Shot:
Two gods argue over a certain draconequus's survival during his species's wipeout.
They make a bet.

Chapters (1)

Shortly after the beginning of Celestia and Luna's reign.
They miss their mother, who perished due to her mortality. Sisterly Love ensues.

Chapters (1)
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