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a very shy girl with a big imagination while having so many AU's crumbling into her brain~

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im losing it..... · 5:13pm Saturday

i feel so dead?? like i can't even write a dialogue for my stories anymore without giving up on myself.....why am i like this?? does life hate me so much to see me fail like this?? i'm failing, im falling, im dying,,, and it feels as tho i can't breathe....
i did promise you guys ill try to be more active this summer, but,, it's like i brainstorm more and interact with my friends about my ideas, more than writing about them....

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ur probably the sweetest most supportive person ive ever met on here !!! <3333 ur so kind and u honestly didn't have to do this on my userpage but ur generally so so sweet and there needs to be more people like u around!~ <333 thanks for the lovely kind message u b-b-baka~ <333

You're freaking awesome. I don't care that you feel like crap, you're still awesome! I love the passion you put into your work. You must work very hard on just the right words to say. You deserve better things than what you've been given. I love you, and you need to indulge in fun. You deserve it. You're awesome.

anytime,, ur stories make me feel happy <3

Thanks for the fave of Beginnings, my little honey bee :twilightsmile::heart::heart:

oh anytime my dear~ ♡♡ love ur works and ur sweet spirit~ ♡

  • Viewing 390 - 394 of 394
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