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a very shy christian girl with a big imagination while having so many AU's crumbling into her brain~

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Officially Saying Goodbye. · 2:08pm May 27th, 2021

After many months of thinking, processing and coming to conclusions, I've finally made my decision.

I'm officially leaving FIMfiction.

After my 5 years of writing collective fictional writings that were about the universe of colored pastel ponies, I think it's time for me to move on. Which I did. I know I've many mistakes in the past, hurt some people, and to that, I just want to come clean and say sorry.

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awwww that's totally fair hun !! enjoy ur vacation sdjfrhgjt !! :yay::heart:

Aw, no prob.:twilightsmile: Sure! I’m going on vacay soon though, so I won’t be around as much for chatting, but while I’m still around I’d love to!:pinkiesmile:

awww sjkdhehjfrg im really excited to post it sdjdefjgt UwU <333 :yay:ur support means so so much to me !!! :applecry::heart:
u can PM me if u want too !!! i would love to chat some more !! UwU :twilightsmile:

*hugs :rainbowkiss:
YESSSSS!!:yay: Thank goodness! Ooooh, I’m really excited about this fic!!

  • Viewing 449 - 453 of 453
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