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Alright, so I'm Rockah12! I'm a dude from Virginia who likes writing and MLP, so there you go.
Real name: Austin Tuley
Description: 5' 4" Caucasian, pale as a ghost, Medium brown hair, blue eyes, pixie nose.
Favorite pony?Luna

Favorite human? Kerry, great musician and decent (in my opinion) writer.

Am currently on hiatus because writer's block and shit like that. Send me a message or something, try to motivate me to write some more shtuff


Back from the dead, only to die again. · 5:26am Feb 29th, 2016

Hey guys! Man, I haven't been on here in so long I had 1540 notification... Thingies.
Sweet baby Jesus.
Anyway, thought I'd let you all know, I'm not writing Fanfictions anymore.
most of you probably love that since I couldn't write for shit
So yeah. That's it. I'm gonna go sleep forever, because I'm a lazy fuck. Bye!

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Merry Christmas :twilightsmile:

Happy New Years!

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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deviantART (Nothing there yet, but I'll be makin' some dramas and putting them there.)
YouTube. (I do let's plays with my friends Josh and Austin)

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