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Soarin skiash

I am currently Living Three different Personalities, And I'm A soarin fan. I make music, Like acoustic soft mellow stuff And metal... I draw, I do art. And I'm weird.


I was so intensely wrong! · 10:48pm Oct 1st, 2016

So uh, that last blog about writing and stuff was bull,:ajsleepy: since I've only planned out one story and it is much longer than the ones I claimed I would be writing, I didn't take into account Turmoil, Drama and crap...:applejackunsure:

Basically I've scrapped the other individual stories I planned, And I'm just going to make the one story that I've been panning out for months now, And Boy oh boy me frickin' lads That Is going to be fun,

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Things have changed my email and any attachments. · 4:37pm Jul 14th, 2016

Okay, the title did not have anything to do with this.
But! I will have a short story coming out.
I'm already done with the first chapter and I start writing the second chapter today!

And I've decided to Make seasonal Shipfics, Unusual ones involving
Soarin! Ma fav Wonderbolt!

The fall Is going To be cute, It's a real Soarin ship.
The winter Is going to be cute As well as An experiment.
The spring is obvious, But, Still cute.

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The title whereabouts or concerns of them involved · 4:33pm Jul 6th, 2016

They never did!
So we were all walking down the street when a guy Brandishing a pie ran up the street and tripped, I Let it go...
But due to the circumstances of pie murder, I drove away In his monster Truck without Him.

New never before seen Hights Will not be reached At all, Ever, In the history of pony kind, EVER.
While his pie was dead, His spirit Was Still A raging Storm Of passion,

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B.S. And Resolve Of Said B.S. · 2:45am Jul 6th, 2016

So Yeah like I said B.S. Happened.:trixieshiftleft:
My recording Software Came up With a Problem, My W.I.P. Story I had goin On fer Y'all, Was Erased:twilightangry2:
That was... not cool, I had a wave of Fatigue. Lost All strength To stand, Almost Had A breakdown...

And This Is A HUGE level Of bad Considering I'm A very Happy Stallion,
Usually I find something Humorous To laugh At, Or luna And Octavia's Crazy Antics To smile About.

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Devotion? I GUESS! · 4:54am Jun 21st, 2016

Like I just said, Devotion... nevermind.
My writing device Has been taken! (DUN DUN DUNNN!!!)
BUT, When I get it back I will be Devoted to this first story,
(Which Mainly Involves soarin And fleetfoot)
Yup! Da 'Bolts
Love those guys! But YEEAAHH!!!! I will Be as devoted to that As i am to my album! But with yoda's advice I will succeed!

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