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Lunar Raven

Greetings, my name is Lunar Raven, a lover of the written and typed word, who hopes to make content enjoyable for all to read. I used to work with LoE as well. Have a blessed one!

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General Status Update · 12:05pm September 4th

Hey look, I am actually alive! Surprising, right?

Some of you that could possibly be reading this(thanks for checking in still) might notice a distinctive lack of my previous stories on my page. This is due to a simple thing: I revoked the submissions of them. My reasons for this vary, but part of it is simply to not have a bunch of my cancelled attempts of stories present on my page. However, with this, I will also not hide from the fact that there have been such failed attempts.

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I appreciate you writing it, I very much enjoyed it. Nothing like a heartwarming story to make an old coot(says me, a youngster) smile. I pray you have a blessed night, sweet dreams, and/or a blessed day!

Thank you for favouriting "Filly Friends Forever".

~Blush~ Well thank you so much.

i'm working on my next chapter now, if you ever need anything just ask.:heart:


No problem! I look forward to more of your story. You definitely have a lot of potential(and are better at gathering interested readers), so I am interested to see where you end up!

Thank you so much for watching.:heart:

  • Viewing 26 - 30 of 30
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