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Xenonic lives in the north of england and so has never seen the sun. She would put that she's a girl but there are no girls on the internet so she won't.

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Late one night, a small group of celestial beings and deity's were playing with the fabric of space-time, toying and twisting it with their immense powers, creating something that no-pony had ever seen before.
They were drunk.
Very drunk.
And so, the morning after the night before, it came to be that the Legend of the Toilet Door was created...

And not a single crossover happened.
(Note: Happens somewhere between Season 2-3.)

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Caramel can't swim, and with summer almost arriving, and a holiday with Mac to look forward to, it's up to Sassaflash to change that. Can the shy guy learn to swim without looking like a drowning chicken in just a week? Will Sassaflash pocket a substantial amount of money from a bet with Thunderlane? Can the author ever learn to write comedy? Read and find out!

Anthro-ponies, be warned!

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Soon after Twilight's ascension to Alicorn-hood, her friends followed and took control of the Elements - and when Fluttershy took control of the Earth, no-pony, not even Celestia, would realize what power they'd given her before she changed them all into stone and hid herself away in the Everfree forest.
Ponyville is deserted. Canterlot is in a continual state of crisis. Her friends have abandoned her.
But that doesn't matter. All that matters is that no-one leaves.

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Fluttershy and Big Mac have long been friends - alike in their shyness and love of nature, they live a clean and happy friendship, where nothing is hidden from view.

Teen tag for mild sexual references

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Luna decides to write a letter to her teacher about what she has learned.

Picture by CuteSkitty on deviantart
15/2/13 - I'm afraid this story has been cancelled, because I only ever intended it to be a chapter long, anyway. I have taken the second chapter down. Sorry!

Chapters (1)