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Sandbar returns to the School of Friendship for his ten-year reunion.

The decade has been kind. From Yona to Ocellus, everyone is getting somewhere in life. But if time brings change, then no one has changed more than Gallus.

Cover Art was done by RedPalette. Many thanks to her and you can find this specific piece here.

Proofread by the handsome RoMS, whose stuff you must check out.

Originally written for 2019's Everfree Northwest Iron Author.

Content Warning: Fic features a trans character venting about the trans experience.

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Discord deals with the crippling anxiety of being less successful than his younger brother, Jerry Seinfeld.

Don't worry this is a fic about nothing.

This was the lovely idea voted on by Patrons in October. If you wanna vote on future Patreon projects, consider joining using the link found here.

Proofread by the ever loyal RoMS and Undome Tinwe, and by a new face on fim, SerPounce. All of whom are bae tier and deserve attention.

Cover art was unfortunately created by me, but it used vectors from AceWissle whose stuff is hype.

"That fact that this actually exists has restored my faith in humanity... - IDontWatchMLP

"I think this may well qualify as the strangest crossover I've ever encountered, full stop." - FanOfMostEverything

"This is exactly the proper amount of weird. I love it!" - Heartshine

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There are few constants in nature as universal as the fact that the big spoon will always be big, and the small spoon, small. However, what happens when your tiny unicorn marefriend becomes a princess and is suddenly four heads taller than you?

Follow Applejack and Twilight over the course of twenty years, as love flourishes, vows are exchanged, and Twilight goes against the very laws of nature by proving that even small spoons can be big every once in a while.

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Proofed by the extremely gentlemanly, RoMS and Undome Tinwe because, let's be honest, he proofreads everything. Y'all should check them out!

Cover Art was done by CinnamonSparx. Many thanks to him for allowing me to use it, and you can find the piece here.

"Incredibly sweet. Though I was not prepared for a sudden bit of political comedy in that bereavement. Thank you for a wonderful tale of dealing with the Amazing Colossal Girlfriend." - FanOfMostEverything

"This whole story has been heart-meltingly sweet." - Ice Star

"Downer ending to a lovely fluff piece, but a lovely fluff piece all the same. <3" - Rune Soldier Dan

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Rarity sits in her living room, far from Canterlot, enjoying what is to be her last glass of wine for the evening. Before her is a pad of paper, to record her thoughts, and a cocktail of narcotics that will be more than adequate at ending her life.

Another life lost in the City of Lights.

Written for Monochromatic's RariTwi Bomb. If you enjoy this one, do try and read the others, including Typoglyphic's.

Proofread by the studious Undome Tinwe, I owe you yet another.

"And thanks for offering a story different from other stories in the bomb. It certainly stuck out ..." - Ice Star

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Once upon a time there was a ghost writer, whose ideas were so revolutionary, that the dastardly sorcerer, Single Colour, banished her to wander the manual approval queue for the rest of her days. Thankfully, the ghost writer realized she could just get something else approved and she'd get auto-approval privileges. So, for the first time ever, enjoy The Enchanted Library: The Secret Chapters.

Written for Monochromatic's RariTwi Bomb. If you liked this fic, then you should check out Undome Tinwe's, he's dumby thicc but he writes good stuff, including this fic.

A spiritual spin-off to Celestia and Luna are Well-Adjusted Adults.

A parody written with the permission of Monochromatic, she's awesome and if you haven't checked her out, for some bizarre reason, do so.

Proofread by Undome Tinwe, the last of the Romans, Nova Quill/Firimil, my coolest mom, Rose Quill, my Lady from another fiefdom, and of course RoMS, the Napoleon IV of FimFic.

Cover Art by LilFunkMan, who very awesomely allowed me to fiddle with their art.

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Sunset Shimmer is dead.

A piece of evidence points to one of the girls being the killer.

It's up to Rarity to figure out who.

Proofread by Undome Tinwe.

Written for the Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings.

"...a most engrossing mystery." - FanOfMostEverything

"Excellent character work with Rarity." - PresentPerfect

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Twilight's parents strongly disapprove of her dating Moondancer. They may think she's an utterly fantastic mare but, really, Twilight shouldn't date any of her Canterlot friends.

Like, ever.


Night Light may have a couple of confessions to make.

Proofread by my fantastic friends, Heartshine and Rose Quill. Also props to RoMS for helping with the descriptions.

Cover art was done by the always lovely Nova Quill. She's the best.

This idea was selected by my patrons for my August project. If you want to vote on future monthly projects consider joining my Patreon.

Apparently somebody made a Russian translation of this which is kinda rad.

Honourable Mention for the Accidental August Incest Contest

"Oh my *god* gara" - Cynewulf

"This was awful and I loved it. Excellent exercise in crossing the line an even number of times." - FanOfMostAnything

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Rainbow Dash is an upstanding citizen. She does her job, has supportive friends, and would never ever allow herself to become addicted to marijuana.

After all, what type of awful pony would ever touch that stuff?

Certainly no one Rainbow Dash knows.

Proofread by Heartshine, she's kind of awesome about this stuff.

Written for the Feghoot Contest.

"Oh boy, this was really funny. Granted, if you didn't grow up during the war on drugs, with all the "winners don't do drugs" signs on video games and after-school special PSAs, you might not appreciate this for what it is. But it's so great." - Recommended by PresentPerfect on July 30th, 2019

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Sunburst has a secret.

He is deeply and utterly in love with Shining Armor and Princess Cadance.

Though, honestly it's probably best that this stays a secret. Shining is a stud and Princess Cadance the most beautiful mare in Equestria. They're way out of his league and happily married.

It's just a bunch of dumb day dreaming and childish fantasies. They couldn't possibly like him like that.


Proofread by my lovely and utterly fantastic friends Nova Quill and Undome Tinwe .

Cover art was done the fantastic Silfoe, special thanks to her for letting me use it.

"This was a delight to read. Cute and fluffy all the way through.

Also, I appreciate the actual in-character bits and what they did for the story and progression a lot." - Carapace

"I rather enjoyed this one, gar." - Cynewulf

"What is there to say, if you like cute fluffy shipping, then you’ll like this one, and should go read. If you don’t… what’s wrong with you?" - Hopeling's 27/05/2019 Review

"This story was immensely enjoyable, one of the best I've read in quite some time. All the characters were an absolute joy to read, and the chemistry between them was perfect. The only thing that could've made it better is if there was more of it " - Krickis

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Equestria has thrived for millennia, led dutifully by its diarchy. Only the most capable and qualified of ponies can be responsible for such a bountiful legacy.



Cover Art by Jbond92

Proofread by my fantastic friends Rose Quill, Nova Quill, Heartshine Quill, and Undome Quill

If you enjoyed this fic and are a fan of Fallout Equestria why not check out it's spiritual sequel, Fallout Equestria is a Very Serious AU. Also check out The Enchanted Library: The Secret Chapters and The Clocktower, two other spin-offs of a similiar vein.

"What the fuck did I just read? And why am I smiling?" - Corejo

"In any case, stories with the diarchs being generally horrible people are a hard sell for me, but this does such a brilliant job of crossing the line twice (or some much, much greater even number of times) that I'm eagerly looking forward to more." - FanOfMostEverything

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