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Bow before your princess! Er, prince...


Vinyl Scratch has spent her entire childhood being alienated and bullied because of her eyes. She felt alone; like there was nopony who cared. That all changed when she meets somepony just as alienated as her. And with a few kind words, she learns that what make you different, only makes you special.

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Being a DJ is more than just playing music; it's about using music to allow ponies to let loose, go crazy, and having a great time. And when Neon Lights, an up and coming DJ, notices a particularly lonely filly was not having fun, he decides to take it upon himself correct this.

Little does he know who this pony turns out to be...

Edited by the awesome Electric294!
Amazing cover art by: _Vidz_

Arc breakdown:

Arc I - This is a 'Slice-of-Life' arc, contains character development and world building. Cute, fluffy, and random.
Word count: 25,055.

Arc II - This is the 'Adventure' arc, contains physical and mental conflict with darker themes; readers advised. (Can be skipped, if you don't like this genre.)
Word count: 27,289.

Arc III - This arc is the 'Romance' arc, contains shipping and a 'cool down' period from the conflict of the second arc. Light themes with a more 'Slice-of-Life' feel.
Word count: 24,360 (One more chapter).

Arc IV - This arc is the 'time passes' arc, contains a major time shift, having the chapters separated by a longer period of time. This is where life and love conflict, and where the bond will be tested.
Word count: 0 (Ongoing).

Arc V - Final Arc.
Word count: TBD.


This story is a learning experience for me. In it, I'm experimenting with different writing styles and techniques while trying to keep an engaging narrative.

Also, if you don't like action and adventure and prefer romance and fluff, then you can skip the second arc and go directly to the third without missing anything, as it was designed.

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy!

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A simple story about Big Mac and Applebloom having some general silliness around the barn, leading to some D'awwww moments and family bonding.

This story has been collecting dust in my drive for a while now, and I figured that I might as well publish it. If you enjoyed reading it, please leave a like and maybe comment; I absolutely love reading what you guys (and gals) have to say!

Link to cover art.

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Lightning Dust had finally reached her dream. After years of practice, broken bones, and sacrificed, she had finally been accepted into the Wonderbolt's Academy.

When she got there, her plan was simple: push herself to the limit and prove to everypony (even herself) that she belonged. But after a series of unfortunate events, she got kicked out. Now, with her dream crushed, she sees only one pony to blame: Rainbow Dash.

Written By: DJ_Neon_Lights
Edited by: Pegasus-Skip

Notes: First attempt at writing. I had to start somewhere, I guess.

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