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Hi. I write things and have trouble finishing them. My greatest joy will always be reading comments from people enjoying my stories. Talk with me sometime!

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Sadness · 10:27am February 17th

Today, season nine was confirmed to be the finale for FIM. Right now, i'm filled with immense sadness. I know the animators aren't through with MLP, but FIM is coming to an end. No more mane six. No more fantastical creatures and aventures. No more of the characters and stories we love and adore. No more of what brought us all into this crazy fandom we love.

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Haha, easy. I just followed you out of a kindness for responding to me on that page thingy. Thank you!

Whoa where did come from? What did you read?! *Holds up a pillow threateningly*

2208195 Oh shit. Sorry your story title is just a big coincidence.

2207921 OH NO NO NO NO NO. I live FAR from Indy my friend. I'm all the way in Washington State in the northwest xD

You dont happen to live in Indiana by any chance do you? And go to Northside?

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