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At their yard sale Rainbow Dash decides to get back at Twilight for selling her favorite guitar. Little did she know that the violin she sold was actually a priceless family heirloom and that Twilight has taken the blame for it. How will Rainbow Dash and Twilight resolve this problem and will it cost them their friendship?

This is inspired by the comic DJOctavia by Niban-Destikim on Deviantart and the comic dub of it read by ObabScribbler on her Youtube channel.

Link to artist:https://niban-destikim.deviantart.com/art/DJ-Octavia-04-697720925

Link to Scribblers comic dub:https://youtu.be/VqBWpmLuE8U

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Things have been tough on Hazel since her familiar and best friend Hester was in a accident. Since then one of their friends have been by Hazel's side helping her through this. He now found a way that hopefully will help her.

This is meant to be a gift to the user Hazel_Hester777 to help support them through the tough times their facing now. Please go support them and show your love to make them feel better

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The Humane Seven learn of a new rollercoaster that claims to be the fastest in the world. Once they ride it they unlock a portal to the land of Thrilltopia, a chain of islands full of orange track and everyones favorite Hot Wheels.

This story is a collab project between me and SonicStreak5344 . We agreed to write this since we're both Hot Wheels nuts and enjoy the little toy cars.

Based off of Hot Wheels World Race by Mattel and Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Expansion by Microsoft Studios and Turn 10 Studios.

Teen tag for mild language use

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Speedy notices a difference in Diamond Tiara's behavior and physical appearance. Mainly he becomes concerned and tries to help her, only to find out more than he expected.

The inspiration for this story came from another story I read called Diary of a Diamond by deadpansnarker. It brought back memories of helping a friend of mine and I instantly wanted to write this. Check out his story on his page. (Also he read it and gave me the go ahead to write this.)

Chapters (1)
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