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While out in the rain, Rainbow Dash is greeted by the last pony she'd expect to be out in the rain. Thankfully, this once in a lifetime opportunity may just allow the pegasus to confess her deepest feelings.

Random art inspired by the story (https://derpibooru.org/461635). To whoever made it, thank you so much ^^

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Fluttershy invites Twilight out for a date with a secret planned for her lover. However, as the day goes on, it seems like various things are out to delay Fluttershy's surprise for Twilight.

My entry for the TwiShy August Dual Contest!

My entry follows the prompt "A Sweet Surprise"

Cover picture was done by an account no longer active on Deviantart, but since I'm assuming it was photoshopped or somethin' I went to Antiander, the person who created the original separate pictures

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We always tend to associate events with emotions if the event or emotion is powerful enough. This holds true for Fluttershy when Mother's Day rolls around.

My first try at writing a story without the use of spoken words. (Picture courtesy of Free-Leaf on Deviantart. Link below)

My submission for a contest DarqFox is holding, enjoy. (Edit: The winner of the contest)

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Octavia lives her life, earning her keep as the cellist in a four pony musical ensemble. Not much deviation in her life, other than the strange dreams she's been having. And recently, the dream has changed. Now, Octavia must figure out the significance of the dream before she loses what she truly desires forever.

Fic inspired by the song Lullaby by the Aviators (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waMtt_8lNAw)

Cover picture will be uploaded...hopefully soon. I'm drawing it myself and since I'm such a perfectionist, I keep redrawing it...so...yea (Thanks to the ponies who submitted pictures for this story WAY back when)

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No matter what we do, we always leave an impression. After using her magical prowess to save Ponyville once again, Twilight is confronted by an angry mother whose filly ran off to use magic and turned up dead. Unable to handle the painful confrontation, the lavender unicorn seeks shelter in solitude. However, Applejack isn't ready to allow her friend to tear herself away from her life in Ponyville and away from herself. Can Applejack save Twilight from herself or will she come back empty hoofed?

Cover picture by Ravenevert of Deviant Art (check out her nifty things, ja?)

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Vinyl Scratch; everypony knows her as DJ Pon-3. What they don't know is that she's not like all the other disc jockeys who spin the records and drop the beats. Vinyl wants to be her own mare, free of stereotypes. What will it take for her to Break Free?

Super awesome cover done by FoxInShadow on Deviant Art (Look at his stuff...it's super awesomazing o.o)


You must...you must!

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