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Sunset Shimmer shouldn't be here. She knows that and Twilight Sparkle knows that, but the latter won't admit it, resorting to ancient, dark magic to make life fair. Sunset must make Twilight see how much she is hurting herself by refusing to let Sunset Shimmer go and move on.

An entry into Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings.

Cover art revised by the generous and awesome Shortmane.

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Sunset Shimmer has made everything perfect for proposing to Trixie. A luxurious restaurant, a beautiful ring, and she's invited Starlight and Princess Twilight to be there as witnesses. But when Starlight shows up with Trixie instead, Sunset and Trixie feel emotions rising as their journey of love comes across a bump. Sunset and Trixie confront themselves and each other as they find out if they can take the next step together or not.

An entry into Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys

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It's the last day of winter and Sweetie Belle is all the glad for it. She's had enough of the cold and snow, but when Rarity goes out on a date, she asks Sunset Shimmer to watch Sweetie Belle.

As feelings rise and bloom, the snowy night brings about the greatest warmth two people can find with one another.


An entry for Oro's Sunset Shimmer Shipping Contest.

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